How Does Lipomassage Work


ENDERMOLOGIE® is a proven technique, which has been in use for about 12 years in Europe, United States, Asia, South America and is now in South Africa.

It uses a low-pressure vacuum pump to massage the skin between two motorized rollers, sucking it up into a fold or pleat. This rolling suction action reduces oedema in fat cells and increases the circulation, unblocking the blood and oxygen flow in the suffocated cellulitic tissues. The connective tissues are stretched, allowing the skin to go from the puckered look of cellulite to its normal smooth appearance.

The drainage of stagnant waste products via the lymphatic system and fine blood capillaries is also accelerated, resulting in more refined curves and beautiful, toned skin. ENDERMOLOGIE® is already popular with many women worldwide.

Clinically, the effectiveness of ENDERMOLOGIE® lies in its action upon cutaneous and subcutaneous structures such as connective tissues, fatty tissues, as well as vascular and lymphatic circulation. As a result, the body is reshaped; skin quality and texture are improved.

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    How many sessions before I see results?

    The average women will need 14 to 20 treatments to achieve optimal results. Treatments are generally 35 minutes in duration, twice a week. Once a month follow-up treatments are recommended to maintain results.

    How long do the results last?

    For several months up to a few years, depending on age, lifestyle, and hormonal changes. Once-a-month maintenance sessions are recommended after completion of the initial sessions, which maintains the results and keeps the toxins and abnormal fluid from building back up in the connective tissues.

    How long does a session last? Do you just work on my problem areas?

    Sessions last an average of 35 minutes. Your problem areas are focused on, but time is given to other areas to stimulate general circulation and elimination.

    Does this replace exercise?

    No. In fact, it is highly recommended that you add diet and exercise to the routine you follow while undergoing Endermologie┬« treatments. In most cases, this improves results. It really works on a different area than exercise – which affects the deeper structures, which is why even women who work out often have cellulite.

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