Soma Body Therapy

Price list

Single Treatment R300
Course of 15 Treatments R3900
Course of 20 Treatments R5000
Maintenance Course of 12 R3300
Lipomassage Lpg Treatments
Single Treatment R400
Course of 15 Treatments R5200
Course of 20 Treatments R6800
Please note that a once off fee of R350 will be charged for the body stocking
Ozone Therapy
Single Treatment R210
Course of 15 Treatments R2800
Course of 20 Treatments R3700
Caribbean Tan
Full Body Tan R280
Half Body Tan R170
Full Body Tan R300
Course of 2 Tans R510
Course of 3 Tans R760
Course of 4 Tans R1020
Regima Facial Treatment
Deep Cleanse Facial R340
Express Facial R210
RegimA Acne Peel R430
Course of 6 Treatments R2150
40% New Age Peel R470
Course of 6 New Age Peels R2350
70% New Age Peel R510
Course of 6 70% New Age Peels R2550
90% New Age Peel R560
Course of 6 90% New Age Peels R2800
Mix New Age Peel R520
Course of 6 Mix New Age Peel R2600
Back Cleanse R480
Eyebrow Tinting
Eyelash Tint R60
Eyebrow Tint R50
Eyelash & brow Tint R90
Gelish Nails New
Soak Off R50
Gelish R190
Gelish With Manicure R310
Gelish With Pedicure R380
Treatments For Men
Full leg wax R230
Full arm wax R160
Back wax starting from R120
Chest wax starting from R120
Manicure R130
Pedicure R190
Full leg Wax R210
Quarter Leg Wax R180
Half leg Wax R160
Under arm Wax R80
Bikini Wax R120
G-String Wax R160
Brazilian Wax R180
Full arm Wax R140
Half arm Wax R120
Eyebrow Wax R60
Lip Wax R50
Lip & Eyebrow Wax R90
Full leg, U/A, Bikini R360
Full leg, U/A, G-String R400
Full leg, U/A, Brazilian R420
Quarter leg, U/A, Bikini R340
Quarter leg, U/A, G-String R370
Quarter leg, U/A, Brazilian R390
Half leg, U/A, Bikini R320
Half leg, U/A, G-String R350
Half leg, U/A, Brazilian R370
Hands & Feet
Manicure R160
Pedicure R220
File & Paint R90
Manicure Peel R220
Pedicure Peel R280